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Hente refering to use the same limb (arm or leg) for a combination of techniques favors technical development and coordination so that the old masters said to have 4 hands or feet instead of two, since for example with the same hand, They were able to defend and counterattack instantly, without using the other arm that was reserved for either another possible aggressor or other action deemed most auspicious.

Hente is an unusual work, ya que por naturaleza solemos defender con un brazo y contrar con el otro.

Por tanto, Hente is a higher level within the coordination techniques in karate.

The exercise presented below exercises this feature. It will be based on the principle of Ipon Kumite, an assault on a single journey which will add two attacks by our Uke, to have the obligation to defend on two consecutive occasions with the same arm.

From this premise, Tori returned to action with two other techniques that will divide into three levels, from the most basic to achieve the total work in Hente.

LEVEL 1. 2 técnicas Download + 2 técnicas page. Uke ataca Oi Tsuki Jodan + Gyako Tsuki Chudan. Tori defends Hente with Age Uke + Shoto Uke, and counterattacks in Seite (ordinary and natural work) Mawashi Tsuki (with opposite arm to defense) + Mae Hiji (with the same arm of the defense).

LEVEL 2. 3 técnicas Download + 1 técnica page. Uke ataca Oi Tsuki Jodan + Mae Geri. Tori defends Hente with Haiwan Uke Jodan + Gedan Sukui Uke, and counterattacks in Hente (same arm of defense) con Ura Haito Jodan + Ura Tsuki en Seite (contrary to the defense arm).

Here we see the combination of these two “Downloading ipon Kumite” bonded:

LEVEL 3. 4 técnicas Download. Uke ataca Oi Tsuki Jodan + Gyako Tsuki Chudan. Tori defiende en Hente con Shoto Uke Jodan + Gedan Barai, y contraataca en Hente con Teisho Uchi Chudan + Age Ipon Ken.

The end result of this work is the combination of the three exposure levels resulting in what I have called Hente Sanbon Kumite. We see the same sequence from different angles.


Trabajo elaborado por Sensei Daniel Tchey

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