time ago, where a person's life was hanging by a moment, where every day could be the last, which it was daily assaults, conflicts and wars, KARATE was used as a self defense system to have any choice between life and death.

Over the years, society has evolved and circumstances around us have ceased to be so violent. KARATE evolved in parallel, adapting to the current needs of society and wanted to add the suffix DO represent the way, The Guide, a way of life.

This is how the KARATE, martial art used to stay alive, It becomes a martial art that adds ethical and moral values; that seeks to conduct its practitioners and an improvement in the formation of character.

This suffix means so many things that would be impossible to list them all without letting any in the pipeline.

Of all, I have one in particular predilection for highlighting. A concept which marks the line between the KARATE and KARATE-DO. I mean FORGIVENESS.

KARATE not fit in forgiveness, because it depends on giving a second chance to your enemy. It depends on your life and your family. Forgiving was synonymous with weakness and in these troubled times, They could not have frailties.

Hoy día, Karatedo teaches us to respect, to be better people, to commit ...

Forgiveness is not forgetting, but give a second chance to our neighbor, who see a gesture of humility and humanity on our part. It is to show that in life we ​​all make mistakes and we must not sentence. We are not judges; we are not executioners. We are partners of a walk together, must help the needy and who errs in his actions.

Who forgives enlarges your heart and that makes him grow as a person.

Forgiveness is turn the page to start over. It is restore life.


Autor: sensei Daniel Tchey Descargar


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