28 JUNIO 2008

When V Kanpeonato

More of 100 karatecas gathered at the sports pavilion Picanya on Saturday morning occurred 28 of June.

On the occasion of the festivities, the VI Shotokan Karate Championship was held Vila Picanya, being this event, the last of the season in karate LigaG-8 in Valencia.

The participation of a large number of clubs, made the journey proceed with various high-level technical knockout.

The ratio of winners Picanya team is as follows:

Sara Soler champion category Little. Roberto Gonzalez and David Guillem tied for third place.

Agustín Artero, third in category Benjamín.

Ana Ramirez champion category Benjamin Elite and his brother Carlos Ramirez, in third place, Brandon like Augustine.

Category Youngsters Elite, absolute champion, Tania Navarro. Raul Gaonzalez in third place.

Category Childish, Pascual Muñoz, Alberto Rihuet and Ana Bueno, tied at third place.

Youth / Cadet, Jessica Baker second, and Amparo Navarrete in third position.


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