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FÍSICA aplicada al KARATE

El arte del Karate no solamente trata de su belleza en las posiciones, de sus protocolarios actos o su exquisita búsqueda de la perfección. El arte también busca garantizar la máxima eficacia con el esfuerzo imprescindible sin necesidad de malgastarlo

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Karate has gone through various phases since its inception where some may think that it has been distorted, while others understand a breadth that offers us greater diversity. No es cuestión de juzgar en este artículo ni mostrar preferencia

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Examen 2º Dan – WAZAS –

Example of Wazas for exam nidan according to the official criteria of the Rules of the Court of Degrees of the R.F.E.K. y D.A.  

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Karate has sometimes been compared to trees; a strong root that symbolizes the basic technique and its roots in martial art (KIHON), a powerful trunk representing KATA as a support for the development of Karate, y unas

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It is daily to see around us practitioners who after some years of training reach their desired and recognized black belt. A goal longed for by many that represents the triumph of that career in the Dojo. Cuántas veces

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From well started in our walk along the path of Karate, We learned to relate the KATA concept to the FORM meaning, understanding such definition as a set of pre-established technical movements that carried out in a certain provision, interpretan la batalla

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Examen Rokudan Daniel Tchey

Presentation of the practical exercise based on the bunkai of Sochin applied to a third person with physical inferiority, following the line of the submitted thesis and alluding to the concept of protection. Realizado por Daniel Tchey para la obtención del 6º

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KARATE KARATE-DO or time ago, where a person's life was hanging by a moment, where every day could be the last, which it was daily assaults, conflicts and wars, KARATE was used as a self-defense system to have

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4th goshin give Javier Lazarus

Exercise Personal Defense Javier Lazaro prepared for consideration 4th dan. weekly: Catalan and Carlos Fernando Moltó.

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Enpi Bunkai by Javier Lazaro

A personal vision of bunkai of Enpi by Javier Lazaro.

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