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KARATE KARATE-DO or time ago, where a person's life was hanging by a moment, where every day could be the last, which it was daily assaults, conflicts and wars, KARATE was used as a self-defense system to have

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4th goshin give Javier Lazarus

Exercise Personal Defense Javier Lazaro prepared for consideration 4th dan. weekly: Catalan and Carlos Fernando Moltó.

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Enpi Bunkai by Javier Lazaro

A personal vision of bunkai of Enpi by Javier Lazaro.

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Team Kata synchronization exercise,es

Un ejercicio basado en realizar una serie de técnicas preestablecidas frente a un compañero. Uno las realiza a máxima velocidad y el otro debe ejercitar su reacción visual y ejecutarla con la mayor rapidez para llegar ambos a la vez.

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Renzoku Waza,ja

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Goshin 4º dan

Goshin work created by sensei Daniel TCHEY

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Nijushiho Bunkai no Tchey

Bunkai created by sensei Daniel TCHEY

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Reaction to loss of orientation and balance

Example training to improve reaction to situations with loss of orientation or balance. Interesting work to simulate real situations of stress with crowds of people around, jostle, dizziness, etc.

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Downloading Sanbon Kumite

Hente refering to use the same limb (arm or leg) for a combination of techniques favors technical development and coordination so that the old masters said to have 4 hands or feet

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