Protocolo en caso de lesión


first aid kit


All karatekas who have submitted their federal license, They are covered by a health insurance policy.

We are introducing the new procedure to be followed ACCIDENT,,es,AON to phone call,,es,With,,pt,Valenciana,,es,Catalonia,,es,and Murcia,,es,Spanish Territory rest,,es,Explain what happened and ask Care Center,,es,Our No.,,es,Policy,,es,Call the Federation,,es,and request an accident report,,es,Once received,,es,stamped and signed by the Club,,es,AON send it to the mail before,,es,days with license,,es:

Llamar a AON al teléfono:

Com. Valenciana, Cataluña, y Murcia 91 325 55 68 – 902 102 687
Resto Territorio Español 902 108 509

Explicar lo sucedido y solicitar centro de Atención.

Nuestro Nº de Póliza es: 0405 16775

Llamar a la Federación (963 924 817) y solicitar un parte de accidente.

Una vez recibido, sellado y firmado por el Club, remitirlo a AON al correo antes de 7 días junto con la licencia.

In case of injury, you can consult the protocol to follow in the following link:

Those who have not submitted their federal license, They shall be excluded from this policy and should go to their respective Medical Services(public or private). En este caso, that the Club Karate Picanya, as its Technical, Coaches or members of the Board are excluded from any liability.

Any health care incorrectly applied to the above on this page, excludes full administrative responsibility to the club Karate Picanya, its Technical, Coaches or members of the Board of Directors.


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